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(a) Product Name
(b) Product HS-CODE

Psyllium Seed/ Husk/ Powder
12119032 -> Psyllium Husk and Powder
12119013 -> Psyllium Seed
12119019 ->Industrial Kha Kha Powder

First Aid Measures Not harmful to body at all

Handling and Storage Not classified as dangerous goods. Store in well-closed fumigation chamber godown to protect from Moisture, Insects and Rodents

Transport Information By Road, Rail, Ship, Air but with clean and sound condition and full covered or airtight containers to protect from Moisture, Insects and Rodents

Exposure Control and Personal Protection Non-Explosive

Physical & Chemical Natural Product

Fire/ Explosion Hazard Data Non-Inflammable

Stability and Reactivity 5Years Non-Reactive (if stored in fumigated chamber)

Toxicological Information Non-Toxic

Ecological Information Non-Harmful

Regulatory Information Keep Moisture below 15% when bags or supersacks are open

Disposal Consideration On swelling by water

Precaution to be taken in safe handling and use Material should not be kept open for more than one week as it gets contaminated

Control Measures
>> Personal
>> Protective
>> Equipment

Protective Gloves - Rubber or Leather Hair Mask, Apron

Ventilation Cross Ventilation

Work/ Hygiene Practices Material should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide, If stored for more than 30 days.